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    ERLA YODO is a multifunctional and universal sponge for washing and cleaning various surfaces, made of innovative foam that changes its structure and hardness under the influence of water temperature. The ERLA YODO sponge is hard in cold water, making it perfectly effective in removing very difficult dirt, e.g. burnt pans, but also safe - without the risk of scratching delicate surfaces. The multifunctional YODO can also be used as a dish sponge - when dipped in warm water, it becomes soft and more absorbent, so you can safely wash even delicate glasses with it. For use with just water or any detergent.

    The YODO sponge is also more hygienic than a regular cleaning sponge because it does not absorb odors and bacteria and easily rinses off dirt. You can also refresh it in the dishwasher. It has an ergonomic shape and comfortable finger holes, thanks to which the sponge fits well in the hand and is comfortable to use. An additional advantage that every housewife will appreciate is the fashionable appearance of YODO - the nude washing sponge suits any stylish kitchen.

    - Innovative: a material that changes its structure under the influence of water temperature - the sponge is hard in cold water and soft in warm water.
    - Hygienic: does not absorb odors and bacteria, is easy to keep clean.
    - Multifunctional: suitable for any dirt and any surface without the risk of scratching.
    - Stylish: a look that suits any kitchen.

    Where to use YODO:
    - In the kitchen: it is an ideal sponge for washing dishes and removing difficult dirt, e.g. burnt pans and pots, baked ovens
    - In the bathroom: for removing stubborn limescale deposits on shower cabins, fittings and ceramics
    - On the terrace: for washing garden furniture and for scrubbing garden equipment
    - In the garage: for washing the car without the risk of scratches

    The multifunctional ERLA YODO sponge is a reliable and indispensable cleaning aid, an ideal tool for washing and cleaning.

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