Cleaning countertops, tables and kitchen hobs agent

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  • Description

    ERLA Table Cleaner - a reliable partner in keeping your catering space clean.

    ERLA Table Cleaner liquid for tables is a ready-to-use, everyday agent that allows you to quickly and effectively clean tables, counters and chairs. It was created with the high requirements of the catering sector in mind. It is an ideal solution for restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, canteens, shops, conference rooms and many other places. Erla Table Cleaner helps keep the surface impeccably clean, and its special formula additionally protects the countertops, making cleaning easier in the future.

    • Express action: the agent quickly removes dirt, dealing with such dirt as dried stains from coffee, tea and sweetened drinks. This saves you time and effort.
    • Neutral scent: a delicate, neutral scent means that the product does not irritate people sitting or working on the cleaned surfaces
    • Surface safety: the product formula is safe for all types of surfaces, from wood to laminates, plastics and metal
    • Ease of use: A convenient bottle with an innovative atomizer allows precise dosing and application to the selected place, which allows for quick and easy cleaning.

    Application: ERLA Table Cleaner is an excellent choice for everyday cleaning of tables, chairs, counters and other surfaces in restaurants, shops, offices and even at home. Just spray the dirty surface or apply the agent directly to the cloth, wipe and that's it! The countertops are clean, shiny and ready for further use.

    Why is it worth choosing ERLA Table Cleaner?
    • Saving time and effort: The quick action of the liquid allows for immediate results, which is crucial in the intensive rhythm of restaurant work.
    • Professional cleaning: Provide your guests with the highest level of comfort and cleanliness by ensuring the professional appearance of your premises.
    • Versatility: One product for many applications. Everything you need to keep your tables, side tables and countertops always looking like new.


    See for yourself how easy it can be to take care of the perfect appearance of your premises with ERLA Table Cleaner!

  • Data sheet

    750 ml
    Quantity per box
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