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    ERLA FUGER fluid is a strong, concentrated agent for thorough cleaning of grouts and joints. It works immediately, dissolving old dirt and cleaning even the toughest dirt. FUGER liquid cleans joints without scrubbing. It is offered in a liter bottle with a measuring cup for better dosing and an additional applicator that facilitates the use of the product. The concentrated formula allows for dilution, the chlorine-free composition allows for daily use - the smell of the liquid is not suffocating.

    1. Test the fluid in an inconspicuous place.
    2. Pour the grout precisely with the liquid diluted 1:1 or, in the case of very heavy dirt, use the undiluted liquid.
    3. For precise application, use the included applicator or pour the liquid directly from the bottle onto the joints, preferably securing the edges of the tiles with painter's tape.
    4. Just before applying the liquid, it is worth moistening the grout with water to speed up the effect.
    5. Wait a few minutes - depending on the dirt, from 1 to 5 minutes.
    6. Wipe with a cloth and rinse thoroughly with water or use an additional Erla Fuger brush if the joints are uneven and in hard-to-reach places.

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    1 l
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